District Executive Committee

What is the District Executive Committee?

The District Executive Committee (DEC) is made-up of the District Leadership Team, Area Directors and Division Directors. The District Executive Committee ensures that the District and its leaders are working towards achieving the District Mission. This committee meets at four times a year and extraordinary meetings can be scheduled when the need arises. Meetings of the District Executive Committee also offer a chance for the District Leadership Team to conduct additional training for Area and Division Directors. Key items discussed during meetings of the District Executive Committee include:

  • Approving and reviewing the District Success Plan
  • Progress of the District, Divisions and Areas against the District Success Plan
  • Overseeing the District’s financial operations
  • Review and discuss the findings of District committees
  • Discuss any disciplinary matters as needed

Minutes of Past District Executive Committee Meetings

Online Meeting – 26 April 2020

Extraordinary Meeting – 20 March 2020

Brighton Meeting – 29 February 2020

Online Meeting – 17 November 2019

London Meeting – 7 September 2019