The Spring Season of Renewal

The mid year District officer training event did allow me time to reflect on my leadership journey. Not many organisations have their mid year at the start of a new calendar year.

The genius of the Toastmasters year finally dawned on me, can you imagine all the chaos of June and July being in December and January? However it’s the opportunity to have a new beginning twice a year that really excited me. The season of Spring is upon us and we have to take advantage of it.

During my reflection at the Heathrow departure lounge, I was approached by Elizabeth Jordan, the D71 District Director and we had an insightful conversation about the history of D91 which was formed out of D71 a decade ago. I am enriched by our time together discussing Toastmasters leadership and my recent trip to her home county of Barbados to surprise my sister during her birthday celebrations.

I was adopted as an honorary member of D71 during the two day training, we shared a taxi from the airport after waiting for other member of the D71 leadership team Daniel Banks, Programme Quality Director and Mairead Dillon Club Growth Director to arrive from other airports. Great team planning and coordination I thought. I was glad to learn from Mairead that the District 91 aspiration for 18 new clubs this Toastmasters year was not too ambitious with D71 setting a goal for 25. Danny who I shared a cab back to the airport with was modest about is knowledge of many things.

All our leadership teams have face intended challenges that the Toastmasters programme presents at all levels of leadership from club to the international board. I am proud of the work our District D91 leaders are doing to support our members to grow their clubs and grow the Toastmasters community of clubs. We have added 1445 new members, the 3rd highest out of 130 Districts globally this Toastmasters year.

We have chartered 3 new clubs this Toastmasters year and added 6 new prospective clubs bringing our prospective club list to 9 with a promising new club leads.

It is our District 10th anniversary and Toastmasters Centenary celebration year. We have a tried and tested development programme, I will like to encourage you to share the benefits of our organisation and win some of the incentives our District has on offer.

  • Talk up Toastmasters Award by signing up 5 new members between 1st of February and 31 March
  • Net growth of 4 members on July base numbers after April renewals first 50 win £40.00
  • Net growth of 8 members on July base numbers after April renewals first 30 win £40.00
  • 20 + 80 Challenge Renew 20+ July base members and retain July base members 80%+ after April renewals first 25 clubs win £30.00

Open house boxes are available for your clubs to run a membership growth.  Contact me to request a box.

The above incentives can be won if you renew your membership early. It is time to take advantage of the Spring, It is the season of opportunity and as we look forward to our Bristol Spring Conference. Let us put a spring in our Toastmaster journey.

We can celebrate our 10th anniversary by each bringing a friend, colleague or family member to join the Toastmaster community or start a club where you work to bring the benefits we enjoy at Toastmasters to others.

Mo Dawodu

D91 Club Growth Director

A new year. A new beginning. A new focus.

Happy New Year from the D91 Club Growth Team.

A new year, A new beginning, A new focus.

Thanks to all volunteer members of the D91 Club Growth team Emmanuel Karamagi, Ron Mayne, John Drinkwater, Sadiq Owo and Andrew Deer who have contributed immensely towards our District mission in the first half of the Toastmasters year.


History has shown that January of each Toastmaster year, is the best time to attract new members.

Many people begin a new year with resolutions for personal development. The start of 2024 presents us with an opportunity to renew our membership and club building focus and to engage guests by sharing the many successful Toastmasters stories with a view to bringing the best of Toastmasters to many more by actively supporting each clubs’ growth initiatives.

How can we strive for a more successful second half of the Toastmasters year? Reflecting reasons, relationships and respect.? Asking questions to focus our actions?

Reasons are the foundation of commitment, focus and success. I consistently ask our existing members why they joined, how have they benefited and what’s next. The answers to these questions highlight the 100-year growth of Toastmasters International and the 10-year success story of our district. The many reasons why we joined Toastmasters have or changed over the years and perhaps opportunities for the organisation to grow and impact many more people is increasing with advancing technologies and population trends.


Relationships are fundamental to successful teams and even more so in a volunteer organisation like Toastmasters. The focus on teamwork, team building, using the wealth of knowledge available within the Clubs/Areas/Divisions, encouraging going beyond our clubs to network and build new relationships is an opportunity available to all our members. There are tremendous benefits to learning and practicing how to win new friends and influence new members to join your clubs or building new clubs.

Respect is the Toastmasters International core value that underpins good relationships and effective teamwork. The diversity our members and their aspirations are a unique opportunity to learn and grow as Toastmasters.

What will define success for you as a Club or member? Do you want to organise an open house event to grow your club’s membership? Do you want to achieve Distinguished status? Do you want to organise anniversary celebration or special event or learn a new skill?

What will define success for you going beyond your club? Do you want to organise an Area open house? Do you want to setup a new Toastmasters club or support a prospective club?


Our district thanks to our members has made significant progress with membership growth this year and as we start the 2024 calendar year to celebrate the centenary or Toastmasters International and the 10th anniversary of District 91, I look forward to supporting you to ensure we make the second half of the Toastmasters year a greater success by focusing on building our average club membership base and building new clubs to share the benefits of Toastmasters to others.

Mo Dawodu

D91 Club Growth Director 2023/2024

Celebration Season

Fellow leaders,

Congratulations to our Division Directors, District contest winners and all those who have made the contest season a success. The Bristol District Conference in May 2024 will be exciting with competitive District Contests to look forward to.

Congratulations to all our Members who were recognised at the Division Hall of Fame events. Every award is testimony to the commitment of our club officers who manage clubs and the unique developmental opportunities provided by the Toastmasters education programme.

Christmas festivities are upon us and I look forward to celebrating our D91 Toastmasters 10th Xmas as we look forward to both our District 10th Anniversary celebrations in May 2024 and the Toastmasters International 100th Anniversary later in 2024.

Well done to all clubs that have successfully renewed enough members to remain in good standing. We have achieved over 4000 membership payments to date, thanks to your hard work and support for the District mission.

This is not yet celebration time as we now need to focus on supporting many of our clubs to rebuild our membership base to ensure we have enough members to provide quality club meetings.

Many of us join Toastmasters for a specific reason and the success of the Toastmasters programme is best reflected in October renewal dashboard as many members have developed the skills and confidence required to fulfill the Toastmasters mission. Congratulations to our immediate past members and renewed members as we approach the milestone of 100 years of Toastmasters International and 10 years of District 91.

Thanks to our new club coaches volunteers, we do require more volunteer club coaches to support our low member clubs, please contact the Club Growth team if you would like to be a club coach which is a prerequisite for becoming a DTM and an opportunity to share your knowledge and ensure the benefits of Toastmasters can reach more people in future by helping build sustainable clubs.

As we consider the opportunities to grow our clubs, rebuild our low member clubs and build new clubs, it is important to ask ourselves this question?

What do I want to achieve as a Toastmasters leader in the next 7 months?

Wishing you a merry Christmas.

Mo Dawodu
D91 Club Growth Director 2023-2024