Celebration Season

Fellow leaders,

Congratulations to our Division Directors, District contest winners and all those who have made the contest season a success. The Bristol District Conference in May 2024 will be exciting with competitive District Contests to look forward to.

Congratulations to all our Members who were recognised at the Division Hall of Fame events. Every award is testimony to the commitment of our club officers who manage clubs and the unique developmental opportunities provided by the Toastmasters education programme.

Christmas festivities are upon us and I look forward to celebrating our D91 Toastmasters 10th Xmas as we look forward to both our District 10th Anniversary celebrations in May 2024 and the Toastmasters International 100th Anniversary later in 2024.

Well done to all clubs that have successfully renewed enough members to remain in good standing. We have achieved over 4000 membership payments to date, thanks to your hard work and support for the District mission.

This is not yet celebration time as we now need to focus on supporting many of our clubs to rebuild our membership base to ensure we have enough members to provide quality club meetings.

Many of us join Toastmasters for a specific reason and the success of the Toastmasters programme is best reflected in October renewal dashboard as many members have developed the skills and confidence required to fulfill the Toastmasters mission. Congratulations to our immediate past members and renewed members as we approach the milestone of 100 years of Toastmasters International and 10 years of District 91.

Thanks to our new club coaches volunteers, we do require more volunteer club coaches to support our low member clubs, please contact the Club Growth team if you would like to be a club coach which is a prerequisite for becoming a DTM and an opportunity to share your knowledge and ensure the benefits of Toastmasters can reach more people in future by helping build sustainable clubs.

As we consider the opportunities to grow our clubs, rebuild our low member clubs and build new clubs, it is important to ask ourselves this question?

What do I want to achieve as a Toastmasters leader in the next 7 months?

Wishing you a merry Christmas.

Mo Dawodu
D91 Club Growth Director 2023-2024