Pathways has Arrived!

The target for club visits by our Pathways Guides was exceeded, therefore Pathways will be rolled out across District 91 today. A huge thanks to all our Pathways Guides and Ambassadors, and to all the clubs, for the fantastic effort in getting those visits completed.

Every member will receive an email from Toastmasters International at 8pm today, announcing that Pathways is live and including details of how to get started. For those who are super eager, Pathways will actually be live from 2pm and you can access it here once you have logged on to Toastmasters Central.  Members are encouraged to take the assessment and select their first Learning Path straight away, although not required. It will be beneficial to have a number of current members familiar with Pathways so that they can support new members who will only have access to Pathways and not the old programme.

There was a question about the demand on the website when so many members across two regions all have access at the same time, but we were assured that there have been no problems previously so none expected today. Any members experiencing problems should contact their Guides or Ambassadors initially. However, more technical problems should be emailed to technical support.  

For more information on Pathways visit our website and check out Andy and Florian’s informational video; also look out for further updates, including a Pathways D91 webinar.

Enjoy your Pathways experience!

Andy Hammond
Program Quality Director D91

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