Program Quality Team Update

Reflecting on educational goals.

It is fantastic to view the Daily Reports (available on the Dashboard) and note we are over the 400 mark. With 17 of our members achieving the Triple Crown Award for completing three or more educational awards. Congratulations to all our members that have achieved an award so far.

Relaunch of the District 91 Trainer Bureau

The new District 91 Trainer Bureau has been created to serve the clubs and members. It provides a full printable/downloadable profile of each trainer so the clubs will know the background and experience of the Toastmaster member they book for events (based on our very own training content and additional roles). The members joining the Trainer Bureau will be recognised and rewarded for their achievements, reflected in a 5-star rating. For our 5-Star trainers, there will be a formal award/trophy to commemorate this achievement at the end of the first year they achieve it.

Toastmasters International has to demonstrate that the things we learn here are relevant to the outside world and the new Trainer Bureau offers us an opportunity to replicate the way professional trainers are engaged and booked. This means providing a full profile and the templates for consultation, contract agreement and feedback.

Whilst some members may already be delivering training professionally outside of Toastmasters and may have undertaken external training in that area, we are unable to assess the quality of that training, so this bureau is specifically for members that are fully experienced in major aspects of the Toastmasters training programme and additional roles, and who are delivering appropriate training to Toastmasters events. This doesn’t mean that other members that do not fit the criteria cannot be trainers. We have a strong network on Facebook, WhatsApp and email that will allow members who are not in the bureau to deliver training.

The Program Quality Team are creating opportunities for members to fulfil some of the criteria, such as Speaker to Trainer courses (three are planned as virtual online sessions in the evenings on 13 & 20 Nov, 05 & 12 Feb & 19 & 26 March) and/or delivering one of the weekly webinars for the District via Andy Hessey.

The Trainer Bureau 5-star system – is cumulative e.g. to be a 3-star trainer – you would also have had to complete the criteria for 1 and 2 stars.

Completed at least CC, or Level 2 Pathways equivalent and served on a club committee for a minimum of 12 months
Completed “From Speaker to Trainer” course as trainer or attendee and have completed a High-Performance Leadership (HPL) Project
Delivered one club educational, and an Area/Division workshop at Club Officer Training (COT), or District Officer Training (DOT) or Toastmasters Learning Institute (TLI) (Minimum 20 minutes each)
Recorded one webinar for the District, and organised and delivered a Youth Leadership Program (YLP) or Speechcraft Course
Delivered a workshop or keynote at District conferences or International Convention

We already have 7 people in the new Trainers Bureau and any member can apply from the new District 91 website.

District Webinar Series

The webinar series is going from strength to strength with some great sessions recently on both Toastmaster and non-Toastmaster subjects including How to get paid to speak, a wonderful session on Speechcraft and tips for successfully setting up a new club.
There are still plenty of amazing webinars to come before Christmas and they are all listed on the D91 website. For those members who haven’t seen any of these sessions, they are as relevant to new members as they are to those who are long-standing members of the organisation.
We are currently putting together the programme from January – June 2021 so if you have a webinar you would be interested in seeing or even presenting one yourself, please contact Andy Hessey.

Last Updated on 22nd September 2023 by Nikita Parks