Start as you mean to go on

When a new member starts it is important to get them off on the right path

Creating a personalised environment that new starters can explore in their own time and in their own way is important. It builds connections with other members, embeds Toastmaster values, empowers new members to start their journey and ultimately sets them up for success.

It’s an opportunity for us to highlight what you offer new members, enabling them to be successful in their Toastmasters journey. This gets them excited, and, hopefully, inspires them to take an active role in your club.

The moment that a new member starts the onboarding process plays a critical role in keeping them engaged right from the beginning.

Follow our onboarding guide to help your members get started on the right path.

Remember, your onboarding process sets the tone for how you want your club to be perceived by new members. And, once the onboarding process has happened, that doesn’t mean you should stop engaging with them. Keep up the momentum and come up with other innovative ways to keep them connected and make them feel valued.