Club Growth

Have a plan in place to turn your guests to members

Think about the journey your guests follow to become members.

Club Growth team offers some tips how clubs can convert guests into members as an easy to use presentation. Please feel free to share or present at either a club Committee meeting or to the whole club.

Guest to Member – The Journey

Make it easy to find your club

Ensure your club has a social media page or a website with an address if you meet offline or zoom link to join the meeting.

Keep the information about how to contact your club (email address, messengers…) up-to-date and ensure you respond to the requests promptly.

Toastmasters International’s find a club

is a great way for potential members to find clubs near them to help them on the right road to their goals. All visitors to the site who complete a contact club form and become a lead are potential members of your club.

We want to see more clubs converting leads to members and for clubs to get rewarded for their efforts. Don’t forget that these potential members are actively looking for solutions to help them achieve their goals.

Give out Guests Packs

Development of your club is achieved with the help of the most important people in Toastmasters meeting – very welcomed guests. We have created a folder full of resources, including virtual guests packs, to send out to visitors to help them on their journey to becoming members

Virtual Guest Packs

Optimise your sales pitch

Promoting your club and getting members to visit your clubs, can be a challenge, but with over 66 million people in the UK, we’re sure there are a few more people who want to join Toastmasters.

From the first moment that someone starts to think about how they can improve their communication skills, or how they can create opportunities for career progression, or simply get a little more confidence, they have made a decision. They are looking for ways to achieve their goals.

Check our webinar and learn tips and tricks about how to convert your guests to members.

Tap into Membership Building Incentives

If you are still not convinced, check our incentives that support your membership base build up