Tried and tested ways to open a new club

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Every year, our members ask a very important question. How do I set up a new Toastmasters club? Then they go ahead and form over a thousand new Toastmasters International clubs all over the world. We have some tried and tested ways to help you make it happen.

This page gives you links to information on how to set up a new club. It will tell you where and from whom you can get help. Take a look! You’ll now have the answer to the question: How do I set up a new Toastmasters club? The next step is to make the decision and get started!

If you have immediate questions please get in touch with your Club Growth Director Diane Richardson.

Launching a new club is a challenge but this guide has been put together to help you in every step of the way.

Use our features and benefits crib sheet to help you explain the value of Toastmasters to those who you choose to be your supporters.

how to sponsor a club manual

This is a comprehensive guide on being a club sponsors. It explains How to sponsor a new club and the process of beginning a Toastmasters club and the support needed to establish it.