A few ideas to inspire

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Are you struggling with ideas to promote your club on Social Media?

To help you with your Facebook or LinkedIn promotions, we’ve created a range of adverts for you to use to help promote your club to new audiences.

You can just download our new Thanks Toastmasters posts just click on the link under each image, or you can download all the images in on go.

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And don’t worry if you’re not a Wordsworth we’ve also created some ideas of posts to use.

Words for your Posts

Better Communicator Download

I used to get tongue-tied …..

Work Collaboratively Download

I used to hate working in teams …..

Work Collaboratively Download

Old dog new tricks …..

Interview skills Download

I always used to get tongue-tied at interviews …..

Interview skills Download

I always used to get tongue-tied at interviews …..

Interview Skills Download

I used to struggle to think on my feet …..

Keynote Speaker Download

I was always confident in presenting …..

Keynote Presenter Download

I was always nervous at presenting …..

New Skills Download

Even though I went to university …..

New Skills Download

I had just been promoted at work …..

Learning to lead Download

I failed to get a promotion three times …..

Overcoming nerves Download

I was so excited to be asked to be the best man …..

Networking Download

I didn’t know where to start with networking …..

Online Meetings Download

In 2019 we never thought running online …..

Pay Rise Download

I felt undervalued, and lacked confidence …..

Pay Rise Download

I was nervous, sitting down with my boss …..

Presenter Download

Dry mouth, clammy hands, nausea …..

Presenter Download

I’ve just done something I thought I would never do …..

Promotion Download

I’ve just gained a promotion at work …..

Self Confidence Download

I have learnt to trust my instincts …..

Self-investment Download

Learn to be a writer, editor, free-thinker, inventor …..

Self-confidence Download

I used to get tongue-tied and always stumble …..

Overcoming shyness Download

I used to be nervous about meeting new people …..

Speech writing Download

Before Toastmasters, I would struggle for my words …..

Team Leader Download

Being a leader is not natural to me …..

Team Leader Download

I learnt team meant, together everyone achieves more …..

Your new best friend Download

Do you suffer from Glossophobia …..