Your Pathway Achievements and Awards

In Pathways, you are recognized for every achievement and milestone you and your club reach. Whether you choose to explore one path or several, every step you take will be supported and celebrated along the way.


Earn digital badges on Base Camp to show fellow club members all you’ve done. Receive a path badge when you finish a path. Every time you complete a level, you’ll receive level badges signifying your achievement. You can also award feedback badges to recognize members of your club.


Receive digital certificates whenever you reach important milestones in Pathways. Print your certificates from Base Camp, and when you complete a path, you can request a printed version from World Headquarters.

Employer letters

Let your employer know about your achievements with official letters sent from Toastmasters. This is a great way to show them the commitment you’ve made toward personal growth. Employer letters can be requested when you complete Level 3, Level 4 or Level 5 in a path.

Path completion

Proudly receive the accolade of Proficient for each path you complete. For example: “Toastmaster Sara completed the Motivational Strategies learning path and is now Motivational Strategies Proficient.”

Pathways Mentor Program

Have you ever wanted to be a mentor? The Pathways Mentor Program gives you the opportunity to help others by building and reinforcing the skills needed to provide effective mentoring. Complete this program and become a credentialed mentor once you are Proficient in a path.

Distinguished Toastmaster

Why stop at one path? Journey beyond being Proficient and receive the Distinguished Toastmaster award (DTM). This is the highest individual honour you can achieve in Pathways. Earn your DTM when you fulfil the following requirements:

  1. Completing two paths
  2. Serving as a club officer for 12 months and participating in a district-sponsored club officer training program.
  3. Serving as a club mentor or coach *
  4. Serving as a club sponsor or conducting Speechcraft or a Youth Leadership Program
  5. Serving as a district officer for one year *
  6. Completing DTM project