Set your Goal, Achieve your dream

When you begin your path you will note that it contains a range of projects. Each project will contain a speech, but may also contain additional tasks, They all have a focus, purpose and objective.

What is the objective of your speech
What do you need to demonstrate
Outline of what you need to achieve

The aim of each project is to practise your speaking or leadership skills. Within each project, you’ll have an introduction and overview of your project. This will clearly set out your objectives for the project. You’ll assess your skills prior to your project, based on the project criteria.

Within each project, it will outline the competencies, as well as the purpose and attributes of each project. These are the foundations of your project and provide additional hints and tips on how to improve in these areas.

With each speech, you will be provided with an evaluation. These form an essential part of your Toastmasters learning experience. Our Toastmasters International founder, Ralph C. Smedley, said, “No Toastmasters club is fulfilling its obligation to its members unless it brings them the maximum of training in the art of constructive criticism.” Evaluations help to boost your confidence and provide you with a tangible direction for improvement. They are essential to your Toastmasters experience—they show you what you do well and what you might consider practising more. Without constructive criticism from others, you may not grow as a communicator or leader.

When you are comfortable with the information in the project, work to complete the assignment.

To help you get started you can begin with your first project – the Ice Breaker.

The Ice Breaker.