Five Core Competencies

The Toastmasters Pathways learning experience was developed around the following five core competencies.

1. Public Speaking

Builds confidence in delivering both prepared and impromptu speeches, through practice and evaluations, you learn how to present their messages effectively, concisely and professionally. It will teach you how to improve your prepared and impromptu speaking skills.

2. Interpersonal Communication

Builds confidence in communicating with others, whether verbally, non-verbally, in writing or via electronic methods. you will learn how to build relationships, resolve conflict and communicate well with others. It will teach you to effectively interact with others at any level.

3. Strategic Leadership

Learn the skills to be a strategic leader – someone who sees the big picture and has the ideas and vision to do things better. Build on your leadership skills to inspire others to get involved.

4. Management

Develop the skills to be a strong manager, build camaraderie and teamwork to empower others to learn and grow. Learn how to plan, organize and facilitate tasks, whilst learning how to deal with people, whether individuals or groups.

5. Confidence

Develop skills through self-reflection. Learn to acknowledge your flaws and embrace self-improvement. By learning how to set goals and meet them, you’ll gain confidence in your knowledge, skills and abilities. Confidence is unique because it cannot be taught, but is gained through experience.