International Speech 2022/23 Contest Winner

Anthony Garvey

anthony garvey

A short interview with our 22/23 International Speech Contest Champion

How do you feel about winning? Did you celebrate?

Where I come from in the Republic of Ireland, you could say I was ‘delira and excira’.  I’ve been in the District finals a few times, but winning was a real WOW moment.  And by good fortune, everyone was partying that evening anyway, as the Eurovision Song Contest finals were on, so I happily joined in.

What have you learnt competing in this D91 contest?

I learned never to give up.  I finished in 3rd place in my club contest, which meant I was out.  But Shilling Speakers is an international club with lots of dual members.  Our club winners competed in Area finals in other Districts, so I was back in again!  Then it was just a matter of squeaking through the D91 area, division and district finals!
What would you say to others thinking of competing?
Carpe diem! It’s not about winning or losing. It’s about taking a speech, working on it, polishing it a little more, collaborating with others, listening to advice, refining it again, until you have something you can be proud of.

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