Table Topics 2022/23 Contest Winner

Sarina Mann

A short interview with our 22/23 Table Topics Speech Contest Champion

How do you feel about winning? Did you celebrate?

I was totally thrilled to win, it’s such an experience delivering topics at the District contest and when you find out you placed first it’s an incredible feeling. To celebrate, I met up with friends afterward and shared the experience. I also posted about it on Linkedin and got so many lovely comments. Winning at District also made me reflect on my Toastmasters journey and all the amazing support and encouragement I’d received from the very start until now and my heart was filled with gratitude and appreciation.

What have you learnt competing in this D91 contest?

I learned that it’s a great opportunity to get through to the District level and just being there makes you feel inspired to enter again in the next round of contests. The experience also made me reflect on the importance of developing impromptu speaking skills and in particular the ability to speak under pressure. That’s definitely a skill you learn when competing in contests, how to manage nerves and perform well under pressure. It’s also about seeing it as a learning experience and a fun experience as well, there’s nothing quite like standing in front of a room full of people about to deliver a speech whilst having no idea what you’re going to say until you you hear the topic from the contest chair. You may as well have fun in the process!

What would you say to others thinking of competing?

I would say that whatever level you’re at, enter as many contests as you can. It’s such a great experience and you never know where you’ll end up! So just give it a go, don’t go in needing to win, just enter because you want to do your best and develop yourself as a speaker.

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