Choosing extraordinary

Recently while visiting a club I was asked “What is the main thing you’ve learnt through Toastmasters as a leader?” and I replied “Turning a vision into reality is possible!” Most of you are familiar with our District vision of 1 – 70 – 100 whose ultimate goal is to support every member in becoming whoever they aspire to be. Realising this goal requires excellence and choosing excellence is choosing extraordinary.

Together as a District, we are choosing extraordinary this year! For the first time in years, we’ve renewed more members in the Autumn than in the Spring of the same calendar year. This happened thanks to you all. Through the friendly conversations you’ve had with fellow members. Through persisting in reaching out to members you hadn’t seen in a while at your club. Through laying on great club meetings that inspired people to renew their memberships.

Now more than ever is the time to plan ahead for more successes. Let’s start 2020 with a big bang that will resonate across the Toastmasters world!

Information on our District Incentives is now available in our District website here. More information will be added in the coming weeks, including a fully interactive version of our incentives board.

Some of you may have heard about our open-house initiative. The objective is very simple, spread the word, attracts loads of guests to your club and convert them into members! District will provide you support with both equipment and funds. Consider organising an open-house in early 2020 and start your year with a bang!

Stay tuned from more exciting news in December. Except to see some more new videos too following our successful filming day last week-end too!

Last Updated on 7th September 2020 by Susan Rayner