District Incentives in 2019/20

District 91 runs a series of incentives throughout the year to support its clubs and members in achieving excellence. Why don’t you take a look at our incentive board below to see which incentives you can get this year!

Have a look at this video presentation of our incentives board by our District Director. Why don’t you plan to win some of the club awards presented?

Club Awards

7/7 COT – Have all of your 7 club leaders attend training in summer or winter and receive a free set of gold plated pins from District to recognise your efforts.

First Class Club – Supported and inspired your members to collectively achieved one award each? Receive a crystal trophy to cherish and treasure for this amazing achievement!

Phoenix Award – Achieved the feat of rebuilding your club from 12 or less members to more than 20 members? Be honoured for this amazing achievement with a trophy from the District!

10+ Award – Has your club grown by at least 10 members over the course of the Toastmasters year? Doing so means retaining your members and attracting new ones to join your club. Be recognised with a trophy for these inspiring efforts in growing your club.

Want to find out more about our incentives?

Have a look at our virtual incentives catalogue below. Click on an incentive poster to learn more about it.

Top tips for collecting incentives

  • Target winning some or all incentives into your Club Success Plan. This will be useful as some of them require some planning and preparation.
  • If you want to win a Triple Crown or to finish a path on Pathways. Plan your speeches and projects ahead! This will you’ll know exactly when you need to do what.
  • The Early-bird catches the pizza! Don’t delay asking for renewals at the last minute. Achieving 80% membership retention requires a collective effort of members and leaders a good few weeks before the renewals deadlines of 30th Sep & 31st Mar.
  • Organise an open-house meeting. This can help you recuruit a large number of new members in a short space of time. It does requires planning but help from District is at hand.
  • Submit educational awards as they are earned. If a member completed a level on Pathways, don’t let them wait, submit their award. This way everybody is recognised.

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