Division Leadership

What is a Division?

A Division is made up of around five Areas and exists to provide District support and resources to clubs and members through the Area Directors. A Division can total between 20 and 30 clubs, with potentially up to 800 members and close to 150 club leaders.

Division Director

Every Division is led by a Division Director who directly works with a team of Area Directors in supporting the clubs and their members. Division Directors work closely with the wider District Leadership Team and will take part in the development of the overall District Success Plan and any District incentives programme.

Becoming a Division Director is an opportunity to lead the operations of a group of up to 30 clubs and several hundred members and leaders.

While making a difference to its Division, a Division Director will learn and practice numerous skills:

  • Monitoring the performance of a large organisation and identifying potential issues and challenges before they arise.
  • Leading, supporting and guiding a team of Area Directors in serving their clubs.
  • Creating and delivering a Division Success Plan to achieve excellence at all levels.

If you are already in the process of handover, planning your succession or just thinking about learning more about the role, this Handover Checklist will help structure your work and thoughts.

Assistant Division Director

Every Division Director can choose to appoint Assistant Division Directors to delegate specific responsibilities as needed. Divisions can replicate elements of the wider District Leadership Team by having the following Assistants in place:

  • Assistant Division Director Club Growth: to coordinate new club launches and the appointment of club mentors and coaches across the Division.
  • Assistant Division Director Program Quality: to help the organisation of training and promote educational achievement and excellence across the Division.
  • Assistant Division Director PR: to maintain any Division level PR activities, social media platforms, newsletter or websites.
  • Assistant Division Director Events: to organise contests and any specific Division level events.