District Leadership

District Director

The District Director is responsible for overseeing the District’s day to day operations, finances and human resources. The leadership of the District Director sets the tone and direction of the entire District during the year with the support of the wider District Leadership Team and District Executive Committee.

Key tasks for the District Director include but are not limited to:

  • Leading District leaders to fulfil the District mission, and influencing club leaders and members in the pursuit of specific District goals relating to the District mission.
  • Supporting and motivating all District leaders in achieving their tasks and any personal goals that they may have.
  • Establishing the yearly District budget and having fiduciary responsibility for all District finance-related matters.
  • Chairing District Executive Committee meetings and District Council meetings.
  • Resolving disciplinary matters within the District when they arise.

Program Quality Director

The Program Quality Director is responsible for all aspects related to education and training within the District. This includes the organisation of the yearly District Conference and of District contests. The Programme Quality Director delivers its role through the following actions:

  • Drafting a strategic District Excellence Plan to support all clubs in the District in achieving Distinguished status and help members achieving educational awards.
  • Organising District Officer Training to equip District leaders with all the skills and knowledge they need to carry out their roles.
  • Putting together a team of trainers to deliver workshops or training on all aspects of Toastmasters.
  • Monitoring clubs’ performance against Distinguished Club Programme criteria.

Club Growth Director

The Club Growth Director is responsible for growing the District through the addition of new members in existing clubs or the establishment of new Toastmasters clubs. This can take many different forms and the Club Growth Director may create specific teams or committee to support its actions. Core tasks include:

  • Putting together a strategic District Marketing Plan to support the growth of the District.
  • Working with companies looking to set up in-house Toastmasters clubs.
  • Creating and tracking initiatives to promote membership growth and retention at the club level.
  • Supporting struggling clubs by appointing club coaches and training said coaches in supporting their clubs.
  • Promoting Toastmasters International to new markets.

Public Relations Manager

The Public Relations Manager is responsible for promoting the District and Toastmasters International externally and also for building awareness of District events and activities within the District. This is an extensive role that interacts with greatly differing communications and social media platforms. Key deliverables of the Public Relations Manager and their team are:

  • Drafting a comprehensive Public Relations & Communication plan and strategy to engage with all clubs and members in the District and outside.
  • Sending out a District newsletter to all members in the District.
  • Maintaining and updating the District website and any social media platforms owned by the District.
  • Creating content to promote District initiatives and events, this content could include videos, posters etc.
  • Safeguarding the Toastmasters brand and promoting good brand practice to all Club and District leaders.

Finance Manager

The Finance Manager looks after all aspects of District finances and oversees with the District Director a 6 figures District budget. The Finance Manager works very closely with the District finances team in Toastmasters World HQ to create a monthly profit and loss statement for the District. Other key responsibilities are:

  • Approving expenses to refund District leaders and clubs as needed.
  • Comparing actual financial performance against the District budget for the year.
  • Working with the District audit committee to produce a District audit twice a year.
  • Promoting the importance of sound financial management and practices to all clubs in the District.

Administration Manager

The Administration Manager is the record-keeper of the District and also supports the District Leadership Team by ensuring that all District events are properly organised and notices are sent on time. Some of the responsibilities of the Administration Manager are:

  • Taking and distributing meeting minutes of District Executive Committee meetings and District Council meetings.
  • Keeping records of all decisions made at District levels and of any District procedures.
  • Putting together the agenda of District meetings with the help of the wider District Leadership team.
  • Sending out notices and invitations to District meetings in advance and in accordance with the Toastmasters Governing Documents.

Extended Team

Other leaders support the District Leadership Team by performing specific roles as part of an extended District team. They include a District Parliamentarian to advise of procedural matters when running meetings such as District Councils or District Executive Committee meetings. An Alignment Chair to preside over the drafting of a comprehensive District alignment strategy for the following programme year. A District chief judge, Logistics Manager and District Conference Chair can also complement this extended team.