Hall of Fame 2020/21

The Most Glorious Moment of The Year

Our members and clubs received Appreciation and Exceptional Contribution Awards, District Awards (Toastmaster, Area Director, Division Director of the year), Club of the Year and other recognition!

Key District Achievements

  • Member engagement: #1 in Europe (L1 completion)
  • Membership strength: Diverse membership from over 30 countries
  • New members:#1 in Europe with 1,774 members joining us this past year
  • New Clubs: 6 new and a pipeline being rebuilt
  • Education: 1952 awards – 0.5 per member
  • Distinguished Clubs: 116 (Smedley Distinguished)

People of the Year

Area Director of the YearAmy Jones, H32 (S)
  • Arun Speakers (S)
  • County Communicators (P)
  • Worthing Speaker’s Club (P)
  • Gatwick Communicators (P)
  • Clever Communicators (Pre-Charter)
  • Sussex Online Speakers (Pre-Charter)
  • Leading by example throughout the year

Division Director of the YearDiane Richardson (Division D)

  • Led newest Division
  • President Distinguished Division
  • Supported District Marketing
  • Supported District PR

Toastmaster of the YearHarminder Dhillon

  • Kings Speakers (B52), Est 2012
  • Visionary
  • Continues to inspire
  • Since Charter, over 200 lives have been transformed

District Director AwardJanet Alkema, DTM

  • Selfless District Alignment Committee Chair
  • Training Support
  • Webinar series
  • Past Division Director
  • Past Area Director

PR Manager of the Year – Ellie Henderson, Worthing Speakers

  • Attracted guests from around the world and motivated current and past members with the outstanding blog
  • Shared numerous #MyWhy stories on Facebook page
  • Helped the club gain 19 new members

Best PR Campaign of the Year – Tim Patmore, Oxford Speakers

  • Lead an exceptional PR campaign for the club’s 60th Anniversary
  • Invited >400 people, incl. Oxford VIPs and politicians
  • ave 2 radio interviews, incl. with BBC radio Oxford
  • Improved reach in social media and YouTube channel

Lead Generation – Varun Sharma

  • Club Sponsor – KBR Toastmasters
  • NHS/Other corporate opportunities
  • On the 2021/22 Club Growth Team

Club Coordinator of the Year – Jim Benn

  • Project Plan
  • Ownership of milestones
  • Worked to a firm timescale

Club Sponsor of the Year – Melanie Edward

  • Professionalism throughout
  • Passionate about developing others (24)
  • Engaged key stakeholders
  • Opportunity for further clubs in the business
  • Seamless charter

Club Coach of the Year – Ruth Ribeiro

  • BMS Uxbridge – 16 > 11 > 24
  • Engagement with the wider D91 community
  • Membership Growth
  • Use of DCP as KPIs
  • Contribution to monthly support sessions
  • Continued support of the club into the new year

Club Growth Awards

Smedley Award

Legacy Speakers Brixton
Shilling Speakers
West London Speakers
Society Speakers
The Speakers of Croydon
Moody’s London
Central London Toastmasters
Solent Speakers
London Business School Public Speaking Club
Spirited Speakers

Talk up Toastmasters

Kings Speakers
Cardiff Toastmasters
London Public Speakers
North Oxford Speakers
1st London Toastmasters
The Speakers of Croydon
London Victorians
Kent Speakers
Manor House Speakers
Clapham Communicators
Holborn Speakers
City Of London Toastmasters
Central London Toastmasters
Covent Garden Speakers
Ace of Clubs
London Business School Public Speaking Club

Beat the Clock

Connected Speakers London
BMS Uxbridge
Shilling Speakers
Kent Speakers
Bristol Central Speakers
Mole Valley
Holborn Speakers

Net Growth +10 (Zeus Award)

Shilling Speakers
104 Debaters
Kings Speakers
GSK House Toastmasters
Mole Valley Speakers
Cardiff Toastmasters
London Business School Public Speaking Club

Membership Resiliency

Berkeley Square Speakers
Holborn Speakers
Kent Speakers
Society Speakers
1st London
City of London
The Speakers of Croydon

Corporate Recognition Awards

GSK House Toastmasters
  • Resilience during turbulent times
  • Helped a new club within GSK to charter
  • Outstanding membership growth
Reading Verizon
  • Sponsoring Club for Verizon EMEA Online Toastmasters
  • Growth within the company – identify opportunities
  • Outstanding member contributions – wider D91 community

New Clubs

  • Wye Knot Speakers
  • KBR Toastmasters
  • Verizon EMEA Online Toastmasters
  • Liberty Speakers
  • BT Enterprise Corporate Toastmasters
  • Lockton Toastmasters

Special Mention – Verizon EMEA Online Toastmasters

  • D91’s first official ‘online only’ club
  • Example of embracing opportunity in a turbulent times
  • Growth within an existing corporate partner

Program Quality Awards

Educational Awards

  • 95 Paths completed in 2020/21, and seven members completed multiple paths. Among them:
    • Roz Etwaria
    • Allan Darter-Bragg
    • Chris Lloyd-Davison
    • Liza Hooks
  • 190 Members achieved the Triple Crown award in 2020/21
  • 59 Members that completed a path or paths and achieved the Triple Crown Award

First Class Award

  • Harrovian Speakers
  • Data Science Speakers

Club Commendation

  • Hamwic Speakers (for the Courtroom Chaos event)
  • Kings Speakers (for the Meet David Seidler event)
  • Cardiff Toastmasters (Highest net growth)

7/7 Club Officers Trained

1st London
Ace of Clubs
Ascot and Bracknell
Berkeley Square
BMS Uxbridge
Canary Wharf Communicators
Canterbury Communicators Club
Citi Criers Club
City of London
Connected Speakers Bromley
Connected Speakers London
County Communicators
Croydon Communicators Club
Data Science
Kings Cross
KPMG Kommunicators
London Corinthians
Milton Park
MLP London Bridge
Moody’s London
Oracle NetSuite
Riverside Communicators
Stratford London
Speakers of Croydon
Toasted Sandwich
Voice of Wales
West London
Woodford Green
Worthing Speakers

Special Mentions

Program Quality Team 2020/21
Liz Hobbs
Andy Hessey
Sam Warner
Neil Coleman
Guler Cortis
Alistair Barton
Chris Boden

Club Growth Team 2020/21
Jacqui Rosser
Mike Burrows DTM
Seema Menon DTM
Janet Alkema DTM
Monika Swiderska DTM
Gagan Singh
Duncan Hammett
Julian Ward
Irina Ursu
Jean Gamester DTM

PR Support
Diane Richardson
Susan Rayner
Adrian Lane
John Drinkwater

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