Corporate Clubs

Corporate clubs provide Toastmaster training within a work environment. They are an opportunity for employees to develop their leadership and communication skills. As a result of companies benefit from better leaders, more effective managers, closer-knit teams and higher productivity. Some of the most famous names in business have corporate clubs, including AT&T, Bank of America, Chevron, eBay, Google, and Microsoft. Corporate clubs provide their members with the confidence and communication skills to flourish in their jobs; as members are able to deliver stronger presentations at work, lead more productive staff meetings and relate better with clients and colleague.

Benefits of corporate club leadership

Becoming corporate club leaders – running a Corporate Toastmasters Club is a fantastic experience. It gives you opportunities for developing your own skills. In addition, you are delivering value to your organisation by developing its current and future leaders.

How can you sell the idea of a corporate club?

Seeking to explain the value of your Toastmasters Club to your colleagues? Check out the features, benefits and value chart and Toastmasters’ corporate marketing presentation. Looking for ideas on how to run a successful Corporate Club? Look up top 10 tips for corporate clubs shared at District 91’s first-ever Corporate Club Officer training session in 2014. There is also a fantastic resource, the 6 Steps to Successful Corporate Clubs.

Corporate club administration

Guidance on making payments for corporate club dues etc can be found here: Corporate Club Invoices

Corporate Club Officer Training

Corporate Club Officer Training support material: