Subject: Preparing for Pathways!


I am excited to announce that the launch of Pathways in our District is coming soon. We anticipate our launch to be March 2018. This will be the sixth region-wide rollout and you can be an integral part of the process.

As Program Quality Director, I have the privilege of selecting Pathways Guides who will support members in our District as they begin their new learning experience.

Pathways Guides will partner with Ambassadors and visit active clubs to introduce Pathways to members and deliver rollout kits. It is essential to select Pathways Guides who will give the highest quality introduction to Pathways and leave club members feeling excited and inspired.

This opportunity is open to all members in a club of good standing, and who have achieved at least the Competent Communicator award.

At this stage I am inviting expressions of interest, and will follow up with further details of the process and the application form for those members who wish to be considered. If you want a sneak preview, then please  click the link below and  have a look at the Toastmasters website at:

Toastmasters Pathway Guides

I know a number of you have previously expressed your interest in this role, and I will need you to reconfirm in order to meet the requirements of the process I now have to follow.

Please respond no later than 28th October. I will be sending out the role description and application form to those interested on 31st October, to be returned by 11th November. I will be running a workshop at the District Conference on 4th November when you will hear more about Pathways and have the opportunity for questions.

Whether or not you decide to be considered as a Pathways Guide, I hope you will enthusiastically engage with the new Pathways program so that you can benefit from the great opportunities it offers.

Once Again, here is the link  : Toastmasters Pathway Guides

If you have any questions or concerns please do get in touch.


Andy Hammond DTM

Program Quality Director D91

Mobile: 07984 183857



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