CGD – Bob Bowes

Nominated Candidate for Club Growth Director


Candidate Statement

A Leader is one who knows the ways, goes the way, and shows the way’ – John Maxwell

I am so excited to be nominated as your next Club Growth Director in District 91. My experience in and out of Toastmasters and the support and encouragement of my mentors have, I believe, prepared me well for this leadership role, particularly at this moment in our history.

Having previously served in this District as Distinguished Club Extension Chair, in New York District (D46) as Distinguished Club Growth Director, as President’s Distinguished Area Director twice and as Presidents Distinguished Club President four times, I have demonstrated my ability to turn plans into reality and members into passionate leaders. I joined Toastmasters nearly 10 years ago, and in that time have built a reputation for being a problem solver, coach and mentor, earning myself the moniker, ‘Bob the Builder’.

The Vision

  • To support clubs with resources and materials to better market themselves in the online and ‘hybrid’ world – and to take advantage of this ‘new world’.
  • Establish a new ‘Club Partners’ programme to support the 13-19 member clubs!
  • Build New Clubs (I have chartered over 50 clubs in my TM career to date) – including University, Hospital and Specialist Clubs.
  • Strengthen skills in individuals to be effective Club Coaches & Mentors and have the resources ready to help rebuild clubs that have suffered during the lockdown.
  • Develop better mechanisms and knowledge to help our Corporate Clubs thrive.
  • In the longer term, my vision is to build a programme to deliver practical support behind our organisation’s motto ‘Where Leaders Are Made’.

Our Challenge – And Our Opportunity

At the forefront for many of us is the current pandemic, the impact that it has had on our clubs and our lives and the uncertainly of what the next 12 months might bring. For this reason, I believe it’s particularly important that the 2021/22 Club Growth Director can ‘hit the ground running’. It’s a big role with a lot to grasp in the early stages. I have the experience, some of the team members ready (but would also love to hear from you if you’d like to join the success!) and I’m ready to start!

As always, this is our success. Toastmasters changes people’s lives, and with a dedicated passion for our members, we can make a big difference in the world.

Please contact me on:

Why are you applying to become Club Growth Director?

Primarily, I am excited at the faith and encouragement others have expressed in me in suggesting that I apply for the CGD role.

In this particularly challenging time and having been a CGD previously in another district, I believe my experience, advice and encouragement will be paramount in re-building the district.

Every new role provides new challenges and opportunities and I want to challenge myself to deliver more and to do so ‘more efficiently and effectively’ – and to communicate the process and results better!

I also hope that in serving in a district capacity I can meet more members and inspire them to achieve more.

What leadership roles have you had in Toastmasters so far and when did you serve in these roles?

2020-21 – Assistant Div. K Director, VPM Ace of Clubs Toastmasters, Secretary Pasadena Toastmasters, USA & Club Coach to Stratford London Toastmasters

2019-20 – Club Extension Chair, Assistant Div. K Director, President, Ace of Clubs Toastmasters, Secretary, Canary Wharf club

2018-19 – President, Canary Wharf Communicators (President’s Distinguished); K31, Area Director (President’s Distinguished)

2018 – VPE, Canary Wharf Communicators

2016 – D46 Program Quality Director (year not completed – moved countries!)

2015-16 – D46 Club Growth Director (Select Distinguished)
Prior to this period, Area Governor and multiple club officer roles!

What have been your key accomplishments and what have you learnt from in past leadership roles?

First in D91 to complete a Pathways Path – setting an example and encouraging participation in the Pathways programme.
DTM x 3 (2015, 2016 & 2020)

CGD ‘Excellence In Club Growth’ 2015-16 at International Convention (chartered 25+ new clubs)

2015 – D46 ‘Area Governor of the Year’ Award

2014 – D46 ‘District Governor Award’ for ‘Most Outstanding Member’

2012 – D46 ‘Club President Award’ for ‘Most Outstanding Club President’

What have a learnt? – Leadership by example and enthusiasm is paramount in success. With the value of ‘Stewardship’ as a bedrock, inspirational goals can be achieved through teamwork and allow others to deliver more than they thought capable of.

What are the main responsibilities of the Club Growth Director that you are aware of?

Create the overall marketing plan for the District;
Extend the District’s network of clubs by managing leads & chartering new clubs;
Provide resources (incl. club coaches) to help struggling clubs recover and grow;
Offer tools, resources and promote incentives to support membership growth;
Track membership/club dues/renewal payments through WHQ/dashboard;
Serve as a member of the District Executive Committee.

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