Div B – Amar Visht

Nominated Candidate for Division B Director

Candidate Statement

What got me STARTED at Toastmasters International was – Improving my Public speaking skills. What got me COMMITTED to Toastmasters International is its Core Values (Respect, Integrity, Service, Excellence), which are in line with my values.

Division B is regarded as the Brave, & Brilliant Division in District 91. And Yes, Rightly so!  because over the last 10 months, serving Division B as its Deputy Director has allowed me to appreciate the efforts of our Brave Club leaders, who have continued to serve their clubs brilliantly despite the current Pandemic situation.

It’s been more than 1 year now that our Toastmasters’ meeting has moved online. Yes, we have become good at Online meetings. However, many challenges still lay in front of us (as club Leaders). Few mentioned below:

  • Global competition (within & outside of Toastmasters) due to Online Meeting format,
  • Setting up & successful running Hybrid Meetings,
  • Chartering new online clubs within our district,
  • Corporate clubs Needs have changed,
  • Fear of Uncertainty that our club members are facing in their lives.

We all know that Strong Leadership is key to the success of any Organisation.

For over 22 years – I have worked on Cross-cultural teams of Global Organisations & have addressed & solved issues relating to Leadership, Sales, Finance, and Change Management.

Accomplishing two Post Graduate Degrees (i.e. MBA and PGDM in International Hospitality Management) has rounded out my academic knowledge and Business acumen.

Having been an enthusiastic member of our District council for the last 2 years; Club officer of a President Distinguished Club for 3 years & my current role as Deputy Divisional Director has allowed me to understand the practical details of the functioning of Toastmasters International & build some amazing relationship with the fellow Toastmasters Leaders.

With my Experience gained within & outside of toastmasters – You can be sure that Divison B Leadership will be in safe hands.

My Promise to you – I commit to serving our fellow Club Leaders & Members with Respect, & Integrity and promote a culture of Excellence within the Clubs in our Division.

My Favorite Quote from Ralph Smedley –  “We learn best in moments of enjoyment.” ,

Why are you applying to become Division Director?

Because Division Director role will allow me to use my relevant Knowledge, Skills & Expertise that I have acquired in my professional Life, and also as a Toastmasters’ leader (at the Club level & Division level).

What leadership roles have you had in Toastmasters so far and when did you serve in these roles?

Deputy Division B Director (2020); 2 Times – VPE (2020) & VPE (2019); and VPPR (2018)

What have been your key accomplishments and what have you learnt from in past leadership roles?

1. During my tenure as VPPR & VPE at my home club – our club Achieved ‘President Distinguished Club’ for 3 consecutive times.
2. In the absence of the Division Director, successfully lead and supported the 5 Area Directors within Division B.
3. Successfully ensured that each club within Division B achieves its mission and fulfills its responsibilities to its members.
4. Successfully lead the Organizing of the Conferences,& Contests at the club level, Area level & also at the Division Level. Lead the organizing of COTs at the Area & also at the Division level.
6. As Dep. Division Director – ensured that all the 5 Area Directors’ complete & submit their club visit reports, before the Deadline.
5. Have helped Toastmasters clubs numerous times as Contest Judge, Chief Judge, GE, and other Functionary roles at the club level, area level, Division level, & at District level (Internationally via Virtual medium).

If I had to summarize my Leadership learnings in one sentence: Leadership is a Journey so it’s life long process.

What are the main responsibilities of Division Directors that you are aware of?

One of the primary goals of a Division Director is to be the main liaison between the District & Area/ clubs – so he/ she ensures that each club (within that Division) achieves its mission and fulfills its responsibilities to its members.
To achieve this, Division Director leads & coordinates the Division activities; set Division goals budget & strategies (via Division Council); assist in the training of Area & club leaders; and provide supervision, motivation & support to the Area Directors