Div C – Andy Newman

Nominated Candidate for Division C Director

Candidate Statement

Black Belt Mind Set

Two principles from Dr. Kano, founder of Judo, have had a profound influence. They are clearly applicable to Toastmasters:

1/ Self Help Mutual benefit.

2/ Minimum Effort Maximum efficiency (prefer Optimum Effort).

My journey included achieving a 3rd Dan Black Belt in Judo & 1st Dan Black Belt in Ju –Jutsu. I learnt the advantages of coaching by World Class performers including World and Olympic Champions.

The desire to help others develop was reflected in my becoming a coach in both disciplines.

Having received coaching to help overcome a debilitating severe stammer, I certainly understand the need to overcome my fear of Public Speaking and the benefits of effective communication.

I joined the Police in 1986 because I wanted to help people. I am now retired having achieved the rank of Inspector with 30 years of exemplary service. I successfully led teams, and improved areas and performance.

I spoke at national events, at many hearings, trials, resident meetings. I chaired various meetings, including on Partnership and Counter-Terrorism.

I started a Licensing Consultancy Business, speaking at many events and hearings. Unexpectedly, I had to address an audience of thousands in French at a judo tournament in Lille.

I absolutely love Toastmasters. I meet so many wonderful and helpful people, starting with 1st London Toastmasters. I wanted to give something back and was invited to be Club Secretary. Division K Director Nadya recruited me as K58 Assistant Director, then encouraged me to be C5 Area Director under Chris Walker. I have learnt so much from them, from the fantastic clubs, and from so many generous and supportive people.

I have had numerous opportunities to grow skills and connections within Toastmasters. at club meetings, conferences, workshops, and webinars. The D91 Conference last year had World Class performers. World Champion Darren La Croix explained how you could quickly achieve mastery with World Class coaching and feedback. I decided to invest in joining him to receive this training for self -help and mutual benefit. Receiving help from World champions Darren, Mark Brown and Ed Tate has been incredible, and helps me to provide feedback/advice to others. I invested time and effort to persuade Ed Tate to coach Club Officers at C Division Training Event. The idea was to leave a lasting improvement for the Officers and Clubs. I was honoured that Ed and many other special Toastmasters responded to requests to help.

I am supported by my wife Hayley, son Ben and puppy Archie in Woodford Essex. I love books, cinema, theatre, travel, restaurants, pubs, cafes, learning and improving French, Spanish and Italian. I support West Ham.

I strongly believe that we can all grow quickly and effectively together.

Why are you applying to become Division Director?

I enjoy helping others, giving back, getting clubs and members to grow. I am encouraged by the support of my Division Director, Chris Walker and my former Director, Nadya. I believe that TMI is a fantastic organisation and I enjoy meeting so many wonderful people and learning along the way and sharing that learning.

What leadership roles have you had in Toastmasters so far and when did you serve in these roles?

Secretary 1st London Toastmasters 1st Jul 2019 until 30th June 2020.

Assistant Area Director K58 (to Nadya) until 30 June 2020

Area Director C5 1st July onwards

What have been your key accomplishments and what have you learnt from in past leadership roles?

Helping and supporting Nadya, the clubs, officers, and members in K58 to all achieve various forms of Distinguished status. I helped to motivate certain Club Officers to be far more aligned with TMI Goals and responsibilities.

I helped Andy Blake with COT as the Secretary to help others learn the role.

I helped to deliver COTS, where I sourced high level speakers and leaders such as Ed Tate, ex-World Champion, Clinton Wingrove, Janet Alkema, Andy Hammond, Nadya and many more.

I helped with Contests, Judging, etc.

I helped to develop and enable Assistant Directors, Presidents, Club Officers and Members.

Two C5 Clubs Google and Oracle Netsuite faced huge challenges to survive this year, especially due to the commercial aspect of their organisations; Demands, redundancies (popular Members and a Club Officer were lost). I supported and advised both Clubs who can now realistically aim to go on to achieve Distinguished Status along with the other two C5 Clubs.

Learning: I gained further experience and a far deeper dive into the workings and teaching of TMI .

I attended conferences, webinars, seminars, other clubs, and learnt more from peers, DEC Members, District Directors, club officers and members, as well as other people both within and outside the Organisation. The D91 Conference also led me to invest in joining Stage Time University with Darren La Croix, giving exposure to many other luminaries of the TMI World.

What are the main responsibilities of Division Directors that you are aware of?

Presiding at Division Council

Planning supporting, and enabling key goals and activities to happen.

Member of the District Executive Committee; this is part of the District Council.

Strategic thinking: Collaboration with District Leadership Team, and Area Directors to ensure clubs have the best opportunity for success, that clubs understand that the Distinguished Club Program and strive to achieve Distinguished recognition.

Empowering and developing members: Success in Distinguished Program.

Coaches and mentors Area Directors in knowledge and Toastmasters procedures: the ripple effect to Clubs and Members.

Applies Toastmasters policies and procedures to Division responsibilities.

Supports and enables Area Directors and resolving any issues.

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