Div D – Massimo Guadagnino

Nominated Candidate for Division D Director

Candidate Statement

Integrity – Respect – Service – Excellence
Where these, our Core Values, are upheld and promoted, relationships and collaboration are effective and results follow almost as a by-product. I intend to do my very best to uphold these values and to promote them within the clubs and areas in Division D.

Teamwork and collaboration are everything, in my opinion. I look forward to opening lines of communication between the newly-appointed Area Directors and me so that we can get an early start in setting ourselves up for a very successful Toastmaster year. I shall also assist you, the Area Directors in likewise establishing good communication lines with the Club leaders and clarifying our objectives for achieving Excellence in 2021-22.

Area Directors carry a lot of the shared responsibility and workload in providing Service and promoting Excellence within the clubs in their respective areas. As ADs you deserve and need the full support of your Division Director from the word go.

If elected, I promise to do my very best to serve and assist you as your Division D Director
with integrity, respect and in excellence of service.

Why are you applying to become Division Director?

It is the next logical step/opportunity for growth in leadership ability and experience, following my year in the role of Area Director. I am in TMI for the long run; I am open to other Divisions, as well as another term as Area Director – should this application be unsuccessful. I believe I can make a difference as an individual Toastmaster, as well as a team member and want to make myself available in the 2021-22 Toastmaster Year.

What leadership roles have you had in Toastmasters so far and when did you serve in these roles?

Club President Tube Talk, 2019-20
Vice President Public Relations 2019-20
Vice President Education 2020-21
Area Director B18 2020-21

What have been your key accomplishments and what have you learned from in past leadership roles?

As Club President and VP PR I made a significant contribution to getting Tube Talkback from marginal membership and club meeting attendance to 20 + members and doubling our meeting attendance, on average in the 1919-20 TM year.

In my VPE role, I have been effective in promoting a proactive educational programme within Tube Talk, which is reflected in our DCP achievements to date.

I have worked as webmaster in setting up an entirely new website for the club and recreated a presence on social media.
As Area Director for B18, one of my key accomplishments has been to run monthly Area Council Meetings and promoting an attitude of collaboration within the clubs. I have noticed a more positive attitude in general towards our upcoming COT, which I believe I played a significant part in fostering.

Other accomplishments include significant roles in the planning and execution of Humorous Speech and Table Topics contests at Area and Division levels.

Outside of the above contests, I was further able to gain experience as a functionary in 6 other HS /TT contests.
What I have learned from my roles is the importance of leading a team vs going it relatively alone and trying to do it all as an individual. I have found this to be a particularly challenging aspect and a difficult lesson to learn. I have some way to go, but I can feel the benefits of leading by example and allowing others to step up and pitch in. I have learned to trust others more, as well as to monitor their progress. I have also experienced first-hand how much support and help is available if one only looks or asks for it. Other lessons have been the importance of time management and getting to grips with all the information that is available on how to get the job done.

What are the main responsibilities of Division Directors that you are aware of?

To coordinate, monitor, and lead the work done by the Area Directors in the Division. To ensure all annual events such as contests, conventions and training are taken care of by the Area Directors. To be advisor, lead, and a go-between when applicable between Area Directors and the District leadership. To ensure that the goal of growing Toastmaster Clubs within the Division is achieved. To promote the welfare of all Toastmasters within the Division.

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