Div J – Mo Dawodu

Nominated Candidate for Division J Director

Candidate Statement

My Story

I joined Toastmaster to improve my presentation skills. I am a qualified civil engineer and owner of a multi-faceted engineering construction company that employed up to 30 people in the Southeast for over 25 years.

I am now using the same skills I used to build my company to help build clubs. I joined Kent Speakers in May 2017, They were a club with only 5 active members. In my first year as VP Membership, we recruited 13 new members, as Treasurer the following year, we recruited 40 new members and currently as President, we have a track record of successfully winning numerous membership and retention awards, resulting in a record number of members.

In 2019/20 I served as H37 Area Director. Focusing on inter-club relationships resulted in wonderful inter-club collaboration and built what we now call “Club H37”. The Area received a Select Distinguished award.

I was honoured to represent Kent Speakers at two Toastmasters International Conventions in 2018 and 2019. By attending these conventions, I developed a global network of Toastmaster friends.

Managing the logistics and volunteers as part of the organising committee for the D91 Ashford Conference in 2019. This allowed me to cultivate friendships across the D91 Toastmaster family.

The administrative boundaries for Clubs, Areas and Divisions are not meant to limit us, collaboration beyond these boundaries and individual members will be a priority. I am currently serving as the D91 Logistics Manager and Hybrid Committee Chair to support clubs make the transition to hybrid meetings.

Why Division Director Role?

I have developed a very particular set of skills during my 4-year Toastmasters journey. I am willing to support the development of the next set of Club and Area leaders by focusing on the following;

  • Club membership growth and development through active Pathways adoption.
  • Program quality to improve the meeting experience, guest conversion rates, and improve member retention rates.
  • Encourage exchanging of ideas within Areas and other Division This should yield immediate and longer-term benefits.

Effective Teams

Experience has shown that working with an experienced team as we have at Kent Speakers yields results. We have talent within our District, some of which was on display during our Joy Division Spring Conference. Developing the next set of leaders will be a priority, we will foster an environment that encourages members to serve. The Division Team will include Area Directors, DD Assistants to support; Program Quality, Club Growth, PR and Special Projects (Speechcraft, Youth leadership program & Rotary collaboration)

My experience organising training events will be invaluable to Area Directors and clubs. Our training courses will be open to the wider membership with a view to strengthening our clubs’ knowledge base.

The future

I am excited by the prospects for the future, I believe we can grow our membership base beyond previous highs, I believe that together we are stronger and smarter. We will engineer solutions to whatever the future throws at us.  I am asking for your vote of support and together we can write the next chapters of the Joy Division story together.

Candidate Website

Why are you applying to become Division Director?

To lead and support the Division through the supervision and support of the Area Directors. Ensure that each club achieves its mission and fulfils its responsibilities to its members. Understanding the dynamics and challenges in each area, and provide guidance. Ensure Division is left strong for the next incumbent.

What leadership roles have you had in Toastmasters so far and when did you serve in these roles?

VPM July 2017 – June 2018

Treasurer July 2018 – June 2019

SAA July 2019 – June 2020

Area 37 Director July 2019 – June 2020

Currently President

What have been your key accomplishments and what have you learnt from in past leadership roles?

Area Director – What I have enjoyed the most was creating an “Area 37 Club” by developing inter-club collaboration as Area Director. I also enjoyed the support and willingness of Members to support Area and Division events. I encouraged Members/Club leaders from all clubs to take the next step by presenting COT/Area contest workshops and taking up functionary roles resulting in increased confidence. I have learnt that with the appropriate approach you can get Members to commit to bigger Club/Area goals.

VPM – I Opted to become the VPM as we had about 5 active Members when I joined and enjoyed the challenge of helping the Club grow its Membership back to 20+. I have learnt that having fun with your Club meetings is a continued contributor to our Club success.

President – I am currently enjoying my role as club President and we are currently putting systems to offer every Member speaking/meeting roles, we are currently automating our guest data collection and new Member signing up/payment collection via our new website. We are running our first club speechcraft starting in February 2021. We are reviewing our Club PR programme with a view to building our membership base to 50 by the end of June 2021. We have signed some international Members and would like to consider becoming a Hybrid Club. I am learning the benefits of encouraging Members to take little steps supporting the Club helps them find the confidence to want to contribute even more.

What are the main responsibilities of Division Directors that you are aware of?

“As Division Director, your job is to lead and support the Division through the supervision and support of the Area Directors” – Extract from Page 36 of the DLH

Developing relationships are paramount to helping our Area Leaders, Members and Clubs achieve success. I have also reviewed the Division Director Competencies. I am comfortable with the Skills, Characteristics, Attributes and Adaptable.

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