Div L – Sarita Yadav

Nominated Candidate for Division L Director

Candidate Statement

Sarita Yadav, CC, CL, DL3

I’m very passionate about helping people. I founded my home club as I wanted my work colleagues to know about Toastmasters and its benefits / positive impact in personal and professional life.

I founded corporate club RLC Toastmasters (now renamed to Lloyds Banking Group (London) Toastmasters); running successfully for 5 years. I led my home club to President Distinguished status with the support from home club officers, its members and clear achievable goals. I have served as Area Director and am now serving as Division Director.

Since 2015, I have applied strategic planning as a Toastmaster. I have clear and simple vision. I share the vision with trusted members, veterans, passionate members, mentors and buddies to validate the vision and to draw up a strategic plan. Once a plan is drafted (short term with long term vision / goals in mind), I empower members to achieve those. I influence them so that they understand what’s in it for them and also they understand the wider and bigger picture. I then help, support and coach where required. I always make myself available and my members / people come as the highest priority. I listen listen listen and flex my plans to ensure the trajectory is correct.

I have learnt that the young members of the team bring in fresh views and fresh ideas which I may have not tried or experienced hence from the previous leadership positions I have learnt to embrace change. I still learn new things and new ways of achieving goals. I embrace change, and ideas; hence I am constantly learning.

Serving as Division Director gave me a bigger picture of the Toastmaster Organisation. I have enrolled on the Women In Leadership Programme run by Bea & Svetlana.

I feel I can grow & develop while offering my time and efforts to this organisation.

Why are you applying to become Division Director?

I would like to continue to serve the TI as District Officer. By undertaking the Division Director Role, I’m practising how to deliver by leading the Area Directors. The soft skills I learn by serving the TI are transferable at work.

What leadership roles have you had in Toastmasters so far and when did you serve in these roles?

VPM (2016)

Treasurer (2016 – 2020)

Area Director (2019)

Division Director (2020)

What have been your key accomplishments and what have you learnt from in past leadership roles?

Founded corporate club (2016) – Learnt how to form a team of volunteers; VPM (2016) – Learnt how to convert guest to members and sustain membership; Treasurer – Learnt how to ensure club funds are used appropriately and avoid wastage. Plus to ensure renewals happen well ahead of deadline; Area Director – shared experience of mentoring the club officers of the home club with clubs in area. Division Director – learnt to deliver thru area directors, influence AD’s, help remove blockers, share ideas and personal experiences.

What are the main responsibilities of Division Directors that you are aware of?

Support Clubs by supporting Area Directors, ensure that each club achieves their mission and serve members

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