PRM – Olga Galaiko

Nominated Candidate for PR Manager

Candidate Statement

Why I Joined Toastmasters

First, I was looking to build confidence and develop my speaking skills. Back then I was changing jobs, from being a wordless IT Developer I was going to grow to a vocal, influencing and negotiating Business Analyst. I needed to learn how to speak up, how to find my own voice among those louder ones and how to communicate clearly at any level of audience.

Then, I wanted to become a better leader. It wasn’t always possible to get a team to lead at work. However, I find the place to fulfil my dream in Toastmasters.

Finally, I fell in love with the atmosphere in my home club from the first minute! It was so welcoming, friendly, supportive and fun. I felt 10 years younger, so energizing it was! I found friends, sense of community belonging and joy of being a part of something bigger. Since then every meeting makes me happy and inspired.

My History in Toastmasters

I joined Toastmasters in April 2019 as a member of City of London Toastmasters club. Soon after I joined, the club was looking for Sergeant-at-Arms. As I lived and worked nearby the church where the club meeting were held, it was convenient. And I thought – if I could help so easily, why not?

After a year in the committee, I decided to run for the President. Stepping in to this role, I was stepping out of comfort zone. Of course, with the lockdown I had to reassess comfort zone. But despite all the changes and challenges, this has been an exciting journey. I learned so much about people and myself. It has been an enormous confidence booster, too.

I am still in the beginning of my Toastmasters journey but I am very excited to discover new horizons.

Why District PR Manager

One of those new horizons would be a role of PR manager. I love the fascinating job PR managers were doing for years in my club, and I wanted to do it as well. Then I challenged myself again, stepping out of the comfort zone – from club to District. I want to tell everyone what an amazing place Toastmasters is, what an effective way to develop public speaking and leadership skills and so, so much more!

Why are you applying to become PR Manager?

I was thinking to be VP PR in my club after my Presidency, but then I started thinking big and thought – why not? District VP PR will be challenging enough, but not impossible, and out-of–the-comfort-zone experience. And it counts towards DTM which I want to be one day.

What leadership roles have you had in Toastmasters so far and when did you serve in these roles?

2020/21 – Club President

2019/20 – Sergeant at Arms

What have been your key accomplishments and what have you learnt from in past leadership roles?

Our club grows during the challenging time in 2020/21.
We are almost there (7/9) with the President Distinguished status, and it’s only mid-Jan.
We had so many interesting events this year – workshops, Open House, competitions, which is more than we had in 2019/20. Club’s life is interesting and fun.

What I learned during my Presidency
1. Listen to members – they are our “customers” so I have to serve them best.
2. Delegate – I can’t do each and every role in the committee. Of course, officers will do it their own way – but it’s fine. I give them freedom to do it as they feel is right, suggesting and advising only when necessary.
3. By agile – we embraced change during the challenging times. When we had no speakers for the evening – we had a workshop and were useful for members and guests, rather than cancelling the meeting.

What are the main responsibilities of the PR Manager that you are aware of?

Create PR & communication strategy.
Promote Toastmasters International and District 91.
Distribute the newsletter.
Manage website and social media accounts.
Post in social media about Toastmasters International and District 91 events.
Record “MyWhy” videos.