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District Officer Training for D91 – 25 June 2017

In this year’s District Officer Training we’ll be looking at our goals, what we want to achieve as an organisation, and when these objectives will be met.  There will be some training to follow.

Here’s our agenda for what promises to be a most enlightening meeting.

District Training Agenda



Conference Team Update, from Diane Chamberlain

We are looking forward to welcoming fellow Toastmasters to this year’s Spring Conference in Southampton.

Conference preparations are entering the final phase. Behind the scenes tasks have been carried out to make sure the stage is truly set for your arrival at the conference. The functionaries have been appointed, all looking forward to the weekend. The conference brochures are already printed.

Conference Booking

For members coming to support the conference and the contests, if you have not booked your place at the conference yet, on line booking has been extended until 3 May, book via the website, after that, it’s pay on the day. If you have any queries about payments please email Read More

Pathways Update, Chief Ambassador, Andy Hammond

Pathways Update

In the latest Pathways webinar, which I and your local Pathways Ambassadors joined, it was announced that the roll out schedule has been extended.

How does this impact on our District? What does this mean? Read More

The Only Thing I Needed for Public Speaking I Found in My Tackle Box, by Ben Starling

Similarities exist between fishing and speech-making? Surely not! Bear with me as I remember how, as a boy, I caught my largest pike…

Know Your Audience

It was a wily old fish that lurked amongst gnarled tree roots at the bend of an oozing river. Others had failed to catch this mighty pike and I’d have failed too if I hadn’t taken the trouble to understand its habits: how it responded to the weather, to river conditions, and what it fed on. Many years later when fully grown, I realised I needed the same understanding of audiences’ traits and habits when making presentations. Read More

Media Room at the District Conference

During the conference a Media Room will be set up. The purpose is to allow members to come along and film a short promotion clip for their club. This will be a piece to camera, which will be edited to a 3-5 minute media file for use by your club and the District, to promote your club on websites and social media. Interested? Read More

PR, PR, PR by District PR Manager, Helena Brewer

PR Awards

Congratulations are due to all the clubs that were nominated for PR Awards this year. Thank you to all that took the time to nominate the clubs for the PR Awards.  Reading and reviewing the reasons for nominations gave a small insight into the range of activity, the hard work and fun that you are all having. From charter dinners, annual dinners and anniversary dinners, a definite foodie theme over in Division J!

Helena Brewer
PR Manager

I was not able to attend all the Division Contests to present the awards, I’d like to thank the members of the District Leadership Team that did so on my behalf.

To all the award winners, I would like to congratulate all the clubs that received an award by way of recognition of your PR achievements. Some clubs were genuinely shocked to receive an award. Your hard work, effort and time has been recognised. No surprise that some clubs posted on Facebook a photo of them with their certificate. I understand there was a water spillage incident on one of the certificate’s, during the post award celebrations. A new certificate will find its way to you.

Read More

London Club Growth Committee, by Graeme Phillips

The plans for a London Club Growth Committee (LCGC) are coming together and my High Performance Leadership Committee is now in place.  I am now keen to find people to join the LCGC itself who I can empower to take the vision forward.

Some things are difficult for the formal setup to offer and my vision is for a less formal committee to support and supplement D91’s offering, acting as a one-stop-shop for new and struggling London clubs.  For instance, a possible activity for the committee is to compile a master list of London venues that are accommodating to TMI clubs, rather than the current situation of prospective clubs having to start the search from scratch. Read More

Division B contests – results!

From Florian Bay, Division B Director

Over 200 Toastmasters and friends from all over London enjoyed an excellent Saturday in the splendour of Freemasons’ Hall while attending London Speaking Forum 2017 and the Division B International Speech Contest and Evaluation Contest.

The workshops on offer covered topics such as rhetoric, body language, trust and storytelling. All the workshops were thoroughly enjoyed by those present and attendees also drew inspiration from two pre-contest keynote addresses by Toastmaster Bob Ferguson and by Peter Botting.

The standard in both contests was extremely high. In the morning, the best evaluators from West London regaled the audience with in depth-analysis of a mystery speech about Meritocracy. Our international speech contestants finished the day by inspiring the audience with subjects including fighting fires in the jungle and climbing Alpine peaks.

A thoroughly excellent day enjoyed by everyone present!

Div B Evaluation winner 2017

Evaluation Contest

1st Place – Daniel Stoddart – Area 6, London Olympians

2nd Place – Andrew Klimaytys – Area 29, Riverside Communicators

3rd Place – Carolina Castillo – Area 8, London Cardinals

Div B International Speech winner 2017

International Speech Contest

1st Place – Sonia Aste – Area 29, Riverside Communicators

2nd Place – Danny Callaghan – Area 8, London Cardinals

3rd Place – Shola Kaye – Area 52,Grosvenor Square Speakers


The next rounds of the contests are at the District 91 Mayflower Conference in Southampton 5-7 May 2017.

The weekend includes a range of workshops and keynote speakers including the International President of Toastmasters International Mike Storkey and World Champion of Public Speaking Mark Brown.  You can find out more and book for the whole weekend or just part of it here:

Please like the Facebook Page: and follow on Twitter @D91SpringConf

D91 Spring Confernce Southampton

Division C contests – results!

From Dudley Flynn, Division C Director

The highlight of the Division C conference, held at the prestigious London Business School in Regents Park on Saturday 8th April were the International Speech and Evaluation Contests.

The International Speech Contestants were:
•    Christina Alaby
•    Ola Aralepo
•    Edwin Atiegobo-Bello
•    Tom Donnelly
•    Ben Siskand

Div C Intl Speech winner 2017

And the winners were
1. Ola Aralepo
2. Christina Alaby
3. Tom Donnelly

The Evaluation contestants were:
•    Marta Garcia-Salvador
•    Tazud Miah
•    Laurent Nicourt
•    David Saer

Div C Eval winner 2017

And the winners were
1. Tazud Miah
2. David Saer

The final of both contests will be held at the District 91 Conference in Southampton 5-7 May 2017

Check out details of the contests and the conference:

Division L contests – the results

From Steve Brewer, Division L Director

When I opened the contest I announced that I was the Division Director and I got a tremendous cheer from the audience,when I said that I wouldnt be for much longer I got an even louder cheer.The wonderful thing about toastmasters is that supportive environment and that sense of fun.

The supportive environment never made things feels like a chore> Andrew Tollinton arranged the venue and Nadine ,Nick ,Simon and Chief Judge Andy O’Sullivan made sure everything was ready as they contacted contestants and facilitators.  Everyone was in the right place at the right time!  This allowed us to be treated to seven prepared speeches and a target speaker, David Banfro, who came from outside District 91 for our eight contestants to evaluate.

This was definitely a competition worth winning and our placed contestants were:

International Speech Contest winner

International Speech Contest

1.Simon Bucknall

2,Gill Ornstein

3.Salem Al-Damluji

evaluation contest winner

Evaluation Contest

1.Freddie Daniells

2.Barry Greenan

3.Gill Ornstein

Please come at support Simon and Freddie at the conference in Southampton 5-7 May 2017.Come for the whole weekend or just a part of it.

Toastmasters District 91, The Mayflower Conference 2017