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Inaugural meeting of Clapham Connectors Club on 13 June

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Come along to the inaugural meeting  of Clapham Connectors, a new Toastmasters club in the Clapham area of London.  Learn how to develop your leadership and communication skills, how to present with power and how to become a great storyteller.

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Inaugural meeting of Clapham Connectors Monday 13 June

Clapham ConnectorsCome along to the inaugural meeting  of Clapham Connectors a new Toastmasters club in the Clapham area. Learn how to develop your leadership and communication skills, how to present with power and how to become a great storyteller.

The event is free to attend but please book as spaces are limited.

We look forward to seeing you on Monday 13 June 2016 at 7:15 pm for a 7:30 start.

Directions to Clapham Connectors:

Tube: Clapham South (5 minutes walk)

Buses: 355, 249, 50 (Rudloe Road stop)

When & Where is the inaugural meeting of Clapham Connectors?

Monday, 13 June 2016 from 19:30 to 21:30. All Nations Baptist Church – 12 Ponyders Road, Clapham Park, SW4 8NY

Please held the organisers by registering here:

Data Science Speakers charter event

On the meeting of 23 May 2016, the Data Science Speakers club charter ceremony will take place at our regular venue in London N1.

On this special occasion, we have the honour of hearing the winners of the 2016 District 91 International Speech Contest and the 2016 District 91 Evaluation Contest that recently took place, as special guests.

We are delighted to announce our special guests will be:

Jeremy Robinson – the 2015 District Winner of the International Speech Competition who went on to compete at the Toastmaster International World Champions in Las Vegas (expenses paid by TI). He is a member of a club in our area. Come and listen to his winning speech.

Thien Nguyen Phan – the 2016 Winner of the District 91 International Speech Competition who will be going on to compete at the Toastmaster World Champions in Washington. She is a member of St Paul’s Speakers a club also in Division L. Come and listen to her winning speech.

Meena Nayar – the 2016  Winner of the District 91 Evaluations Contest. She is a member of a club, Harrovian Speakers in Division L.

Sue Sutherland – our very own club member and Club contest winner of our 2016 Evaluations Contest.

With such a line up of winners, it will be an event that should not be missed. See the winners, hear the winners, meet the winners.

The first half of the session will be winners session with some tabletopics for audiences to participate in and the second half of the session will be networking with nibbles and drinks.

Register on our portal as a guest to tell you are coming:

More details about Toastmasters International see here: and more details about The O. R. Society sponsoring this club see here:

Imagine a Toastmasters meeting in a language you don’t speak

From Steve Brewer, Area 61 Director

PYP Watford April 2016

A Polish Your Polish Watford meeting

On Sunday 3 April 2016 I had the privilege, and I don’t use that word lightly, to see Polish Your Polish come to Watford and present a Toastmasters session. This was to help Piotr Janik market interest in a new Polish speaking club that we hope will be based in Watford.

I was under the illusion that I would purely go, in my role as Area Director,  to support my friend Piotr, help set up the room and  say a few words about how wonderful Toastmasters is.

My illusion was quickly shattered as I became immersed in a Toastmasters session in a foreign language …which I don’t speak. The speakers and facilitators were truly engaging and the true nature of the best toastmasters clubs, providing a mutually supportive learning environment,  wasn’t lost in my failure to understand the words.

In fact it heightened my pleasure to see first hand how people fully engaged the audience, with eye contact, body language and the timing of the delivery of their messages. I was even able to evaluate two of the prepared speeches.

Even though I was totally immersed in the session the group included me further by a table topics challenge. The scenario was given in English. This was my cue that it was my turn. I was given a thoughtful English evaluation sandwiched in between the Polish ones.

Ralph Smedley said “We learn best in moments of enjoyment”. Very appropriately the word of the day was radość which means joy.  I would like to publically thank everyone who attended for providing me with an exceptional experience that I will remember for a very long time.

Have you considered starting a new club?

From Jill Segal, D91 Club Extension Chair

Embrace the joy and challenge of starting a new club

Are you looking for ways to have fun and meet new people? Are you considering improving your marketing and promotional skills? Would you like to actively fulfill your Toastmaster promise by encouraging new members to join? And how about helping them transform their speaking and leadership skills? You can do this at the same time as making progress on your own TM journey. The perfect way to achieve this is by starting a new club!

How can you get started?

Step 1 Get clear on your vision for your new club

Consider what kind of new club you would like. Are you drawn towards starting a community club? Perhaps you’d like a club at work or in your professional or trade association. Maybe you’d like to create a club with a special focus such as debate, evaluation, other languages, or storytelling. (There are examples of clubs like these in our district and around the world). Get clear on your vision for the club. Who will the members be? How will the club serve them?

Starting New Clubs Visual
Step 2 Gather support

Projects work best when there is an enthusiastic team to get them started.

Find a small group of friends or colleagues who share you vision and are ready to play a part in getting the club started.

For a company club it’s a good idea to talk to the key stake-holders in HR or in your management team as soon as possible. Genuine support from within your organisation will help your club get going quickly.

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