Who took the September 80/20 challenge and won

Congratulations to the winners

104 London Debaters
Accenture Speakers
Aylesbury Speakers
Bank Speakers
Berkeley Square Speakers
Casterbridge Speakers
City women Speakers
County Communicators
Excalibur Speakers
FM Global
London Communicators
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London Public Speakers
London Toastmasters
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Speakeasy@Credit Suisse
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Worthing Speakers

Take the 80/20 challenge!

12 August – 30 September

We’re giving £50 to all District 91 clubs that meet this Autumn’s 80/20 Challenge – no questions asked! *

What is the 80/20 Challenge?

Well, simply ensure 20 of your club members renew their membership before September 30 2020, and 80% of your members renew, overall – and that’s it

Explain again?

  • Renew 20 of your existing members by September 30
  • Renew 80% of your existing membership base by September 30

And, we’ll give you £50 for Toastmaster club supplies!

How can you claim your cash?

If you’ve qualified for the award, the Club Growth Director will inform you via email by mid-October.

You’ll then have until December 31, 2020, to submit an expense claim for something that has benefited your club and members (guidelines available)

  • We’ll check your membership roster as of 31 August 2020
  • We’ll then check your renewal data on 30 September 2020
  • We’ll confirm If you’ve met the challenge
  • Buy official Toastmaster supplies for your club and we’ll refund up to £50

*Terms and conditions apply