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By Nuala McHugh, Area 8 Director, Div B

As part of the initiative to strengthen the area and build stronger relationships, Area B8 has kicked off a new initiative for the Toastmasters 2018 – 2019 year; Megameetings. A Megameeting is where each club in the area host a special club meeting. This provides an opportunity where members across the area can make a special effort to both market and attend their neighbouring club.

Area B8 Area Director, Nuala McHugh, envisages many advantages to holding Megameetings in the area. For example, the audience would be bigger and the meeting atmosphere greatly enhanced. This will challenge members to conduct roles and speeches within a larger crowd environment with a set of new faces. Nuala also hope it will cement relations thereby bringing a greater community feel; engaging many new members who do not realise that there is a lot more to Toastmasters than their home club. We look forward to soaking up the vibes and the unique atmosphere that each club has!

New Free Webinar Series

Barry O’Connell has set D91 up with a new series of monthly free webinars providing masterclasses in marketing. Follow the links to sign-up:


The monthly Club Strengthening & Rebuilding Forum will run on the first Sunday of every month. Follow this single registration link to access the webinar each month.

D91 Coppid Beech Conference Speakers

The conference date is fast approaching and thanks to all those who have booked to date and we look forward to many more such bookings in the next 10 days as we really wouldn’t like you to miss the EARLY BIRD prices.

Your D91 Spring Conference Team has been working non-stop to bring you the greatest conference experience and a fantastic social weekend. We’ve set  We believe that events like this are an opportunity for ALL Toastmasters to grow.

Additional to our workshop speakers this year, we will be honoured to have Dan Rex, the CEO of Toastmasters International as our key note speaker.

The long-awaited moment has arrived and we are now ready to reveal what each workshop will include.

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Business Breakfast – AI is a threat to Cyber Security

On 5th May 2018, as part of the D91 Spring Conference, there will be an AI & Tech Business networking breakfast in Bracknell. Come along and participate with industry experts in a meeting where Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cyber will be hotly debated.


AI Cyber Security

Cybersecurity is a hot-button issue of the day with numerous media reports covering a wide scope of security hacks and breaches. Major retail corporations, credit bureaus, and even governmental entities have been hacked or attempts were made to do so. The old adage ‘knowledge is power’ has never been truer and as hackers and the tools they use become more advanced so will the cybersecurity methods used to stop them. One aspect that will see use on both sides is the use of artificial intelligence. Read More

District Officer Training for D91 – 25 June 2017

In this year’s District Officer Training we’ll be looking at our goals, what we want to achieve as an organisation, and when these objectives will be met.  There will be some training to follow.

Read more for our agenda for what promises to be a most enlightening meeting.

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